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Amouroud Santal des Indes 100ml Eau de Parfum GIFT WRAPPED


Top notes: Absinthe, incense

Middle notes: Curry leaf, cedarwood, narcissus absolute

Base notes: Mysore sandalwood, Moroccan leather, musk, vetiver

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Immerse your senses in the grounded and serene scent of Santal des
Indes from Amouroud. Its fresh earthiness recalls the nobility of
ancient trees connecting deeply with the earth, as woody, musky vetiver
mingles with the scent of fallen leaves. A breath of fresh incense
combines with the merest whisper of curry leaves, while Chinese
cedarwood adds a quiet strength to the composition

Enticing, individual and truly unique, Amouroud fragrances are the result of an olfactory evolution that began over 45 years ago. With a focus on the highest quality raw materials, every fragrance in the collection is an expressive composition that refreshes and invigorates the wearer. Using Oud at the heart of each fragrance provides unparalleled intensity and longevity, producing characterful, unforgettable scents.


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