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Collistar Whitening Hydro-Lifting Essence V Shape Effect 50ml GIFT WRAPPED


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This exquisite serum is the ideal daily treatment for young-looking,
radiant skin. A special pool of substances combines a gradual
remodeling, moisturizing and whitening action with an instant lifting
effect.The secret is Ovaliss™, an innovative active ingredient that arms
skin tissue and stimulates lipolysis, helping to fight double chins and
sculpting and remodeling the natural oval shape of the face.A special
polyhydroxy acid with strong hygroscopic properties guarantees long-
lasting hydration and its delicate micro-exfoliating effect helps smooth
and rejuvenate the epidermis and encourages natural skin cell
renewal.The efficacy is further enhanced by the Essential White Complex
and Italian plant extracts that give the skin a healthy glow and reduce
blemishes and uneven skin tone.The results. Instantly clear and radiant
skin and a face that appears smoother and more lifted.


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